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Amfion Ltd. is an architectural workshop that is involved in the design of new buildings with different purposes, reconstruction of existing buildings, research activity, forecasting, spatial planning, consultancy services and author's supervision.

The company is one of the first registered in the branch and leading in the architectural design.

The projects include a variety of scales and stages in accordance with the client's demands: feasibility studies, conceptual design, technical design, working design, preparation of the documentation of the project, communication with the authorities in charge of the approval process, preparation of documentation for competitions, quantity accounts, consultancy, supervision of the project, constructional and technical consultations in the course of implementation of the project, acceptance of the completed stages of the construction process. The listed activities are carried out by experienced designers and a team of technical collaborators.

The company's work is organized on a hierarchical basis with flexible restructuring in accordance with the requirements of the particular project and client. Amfion Ltd. has extensive experience in working with Bulgarian and foreign contractors and has partnerships with multinational teams.


Amfion Ltd.’s style of work stands out with its original outlook and great attention to the details, taking into account all aspects in order to achieve a high quality complex solution in favor of the investor. It combines theory, practice, aesthetics, functionality and the specific features of each object.


Architectural workshop Amfion Ltd. was registered in 1991 on the foundation of a company contract aimed at unifying the experience of leading specialists in design. Initially, it existed as a company with co-partners arch. Borislav Dimitrov Bogdanov and arch. Dimitar Milanov Bogdanov.

Arch. Dimitar Bogdanov (1934 - 2000) is an internationally recognized architect with over 300 buildings built in Bulgaria and 12 other countries around the world. He led a team of 150 specialists from Technoexportstroy. He designed buildings in Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Angola, Zimbabwe, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Kuwait, Germany, and Greece.

The incorporation of Amfion aims to bring together the extensive design experience and quality design that combine functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency, as well as consulting services in investment design and construction.

Currently the company has a sole owner and manager - arch. Borislav Dimitrov Bogdanov.

In 2009, the company reached the capacity of 140 specialists and entered the World Arhitecture TOP 100 rankings in 92nd place.

Amfion Ltd. is the creator of more than 450 projects of which over 300 have already been implemented both in Bulgaria and abroad. Based on our projects different buildings have been built in Nigeria, UAE, Algeria, Greece, and Germany.

Many of the sites designed by the specialists in Amfion have been recognized as leading examples of contemporary Bulgarian architecture. Our projects and their authors have been awarded with numerous awards, amongst which several titles "Architect of the Year", "Building of the Year", "Contribution to the Development of Bulgaria's Infrastructure", and "Person of the Year".

Since 2003 Arch. Borislav Bogdanov has founded two awards dedicated to the work of Arch. Dimitar Bogdanov - a one-year scholarship for students from the Faculty of Architecture of UACEG and a prize for the best final project of a student from the Faculty of Architecture of UACEG.


Amfion, headed by Arch. Borislav Dimitrov Bogdanov, has a team of highly qualified specialists in various spheres of design that is organized in a modern and innovative office, as well as numerous external collaborators who have proven their professional qualities. The specialists of the company have extensive experience in building design in the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad, which is evident from the numerous competition prizes, awards and project realizations.

The team of Amfion Ltd. possesses a valuable set of professional skills. When elaborating over assigned tasks the specialists show expert knowledge of the current norms as well as the tendencies in the development and improvement of the normative documents, the modern technologies, the ownership and the spatial planning.

Our team is fluent in foreign languages which allows us to implement projects requiring knowledge of foreign standards such as DIN and FIDIC. 

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project, of which over 300 have already implemented both in Bulgaria and abroad.
Since 1991 we have received 56 awards
place in the World Arhitecture TOP 100