Public buildings

Sports complexes

Gross area
9 520 sq.m
Municipality of Botevgrad

National Building of the Year Competition - Award in the Education and Sports Buildings category


Municipality of Botevgrad - Medal of Honor

Arena Botevgrad

Arena Botevgrad is a modern multifunctional sports facility located in an accessible and picturesque location. Covering an area of 9,520 square meters, the hall has a beautiful square with a fountain, benches and green areas.
The four-level building is a compact, clean form with a mixed monolithic reinforced concrete structure and metal roof structure. The plastic northern facade of the building provokes the imagination as a draped curtain behind which the viewer will be able to enjoy the sports spectacle. Volumes and planes are intertwined, treated with contrasting materials – ethereal glazed showcases at the entrances and dense draped pieces in white. To achieve this architectural effect, modern, cutting-edge materials and technologies were used.
With a maximum capacity of 5,000 seats, the court measures 24x44 meters and accommodates basketball, volleyball and handball. The 12.85 meter high sports hall has a removable wooden floor, which allows the venue to host non-sporting events such as concerts and exhibitions, with a capacity of 2,000.
The facility has locker rooms, conference and meeting rooms, offices, medical facilities and guest amenities. The 4-decare outdoor space enhances the elegance of the building and features a fountain, flagpoles and spectacular LED lighting.
Arena Botevgrad is an emblem of the sports tradition and initiative of Botevgrad municipality, serving national and international competitions, as well as concerts and exhibitions, only 40 km from the capital.