Arc Bridge

Yuzhen Park, Sofia

Urban environment

Sofia Municipality

Arc Bridge

The Arc Bridge, symbolizing social activities and outdoor recreation, connects two parts of Sofia's Yuzhen Park, providing seamless visual and spatial communication. Its two-arm design separates pedestrian and alternative transport lanes, ensuring safety and enjoyment. The intersection of the arms becomes a grandstand with a panoramic view of the park and Vitosha Mountain. The bridge's shape, direction, and lush landscaping minimize ecosystem disruption and preserve existing trees.

The elegant arcs adapt to the terrain and park alley network, connecting main avenues without harming vegetation. With a 5% slope, the bridge is accessible for all users, including wheelchair users. Elevators provide additional access. To unite the zones of Yuzhen Park I, II, and III, new walkways, meeting spaces, a barbecue and picnic area, and a stage with an amphitheater are planned.

Constructed like Lego to minimize environmental impact, the Arc Bridge won't disrupt traffic or existing infrastructure. It enhances community engagement, encouraging pedestrian traffic and access to green spaces. More than just a link, it represents a fresh start for one of Sofia's most beautiful parks.