Administrative building with a warehouse and a restaurant

Investor: M Park AD
General contractor: MIX Construction Ltd.
Supervision: Construction Standard Ltd.
Subcontractors: Intercontinental Engineering Ltd, Leverage Ltd, R.K.I. Bulgaria Ltd.
Status: completed
The building consists of an administrative part with a total of 6 offices on 3 floors, a restaurant with a capacity of up to 50 seats and 4 warehouses on the first and second floor. The aim of the project is to create a quality work environment and to increase employee satisfaction rate through an innovative architectural approach and good organization of spaces.
The design of the building is modern with incorporated clean three-dimensional volumes in it. The facade solution is in harmony with the surrounding urban environment, which contributes to the inclusion of the building in the area. Architectural decorative elements were also used for additional enrichment and highlighting of separate parts of the building - staircases and windows.
On the ground floor there are two offices, four bathrooms, a restaurant and two warehouses. The entrance to the administrative part consists of a lobby and vertical communication - staircase and elevator. There is a separate entrance for the restaurant from the west. At the terrain level there is parking, consisting of 31 parking spaces.
On the first above-ground level there are a separate lobby, two offices, four bathrooms and two warehouses, which are served by a staircase and an elevator.
On the second above-ground level is located only the administrative part of the building - lobby, two offices and two bathrooms. There is a connection with the roof terrace at elevation +12.90, which is organized as a recreation area.
The approach for cars at ground level is carried out from 8 Iliyansko Shosse Street. The main pedestrian access is located from the west. Parking is carried out with ground parking within the property.
The construction chosen for the realization of the administrative body is monolithic, reinforced concrete with internal partition walls of brickwork, plasterboard partition walls and external enclosing walls - suspended facade. The planned construction for the warehouses is prefabricated, reinforced concrete with external enclosing walls - thermal panel.