Apartment Dormitory

Апарт общежитие

Модерен дизайн

Investor: Bulgarian Building Company AG
Contractor: Bulgarian Building Company AG
Total area: 3227.4 sq.m
Location: Studentski grad District, Sofia
Status: completed

The site is a building located on the corner of one of the central Sofia boulevards - St. Kliment Ohridski blv. and Prof. G. Bradistilov str., in front of the main entrance of the Technical University in the Studentski grad district. What is specific about this project is that it is located above the main collector of the thermal power plant, which requires a complex design solution - bridging the ten-meter easement with one-meter reinforced concrete beams and columns at a height which can ensure the passage of a service truck and planting the structure on the upper floors. This decision largely influenced the design.

The initial brief was to design a dormitory for students. However the key location of the site and its attractive architecture rose interest and after reworking the original project, the building was sold as a multi-family residential building with apartments. To make this possible the rooms were merged, the laundry and common areas in the sublevel were converted into basements and parking spaces.

Despite the complete change in function, the facade was preserved according to the original design. An aesthetically pleasing visual effect is created by the contrast of the flat façade panel and the emphatically concave windows, enhanced by the contrast between white and dark gray. By changing the angle of the windows on the facade panel, the dark openings in it change their shape from a rectangle to a trapezoid. The contrast is enhanced by white bars extending the volume of the window recess and obscuring the air conditioning systems.

The building is finished with a terraced floor, hidden behind a pergola in dark gray. Its role is to aesthetically disguise future arbitrariness of the occupants of the floor, such as the addition of  glazing, covering or adding terraces.