Arena Botevgrad

Investor: Botevgrad Municipality
Contractor: Consortium Sport Arena DZZD, RS Engineering Ltd, ISA-2000 Ltd
Engineer: eng. Michel Ivanchev
Total area: 9,520 sq.m.
Status: completed



Arena Botevgrad was opened on March 29, 2014. Located in a beautiful and communicative place in the city, the building has all the characteristics of a modern multifunctional sports facility.

Its built-up area is 4,590 sq.m. , and the total built-up area is 9 520 sq.m. The main pedestrian approach is realized through a newly built beautiful square space, enriched with a fountain, alleys with benches and green areas. The building has a compact clean form, developed on four functional levels. Its construction is mixed monolithic, reinforced concrete, skeletal with reinforced concrete washers. The metal roof structure above the playing field of the hall is made of steel, rod structures - trusses, pipe-in-pipe type, 68 meters long, which form frames with crossed inclined steel columns, forming the northern facade of the building. The roof of the building is made by layered installation with LT sheet metal, thermal insulation, and as a final covering layer a waterproof membrane is installed.

The plastic northern facade of the building provokes the imagination like a draped curtain, behind which the spectator will be able to enjoy the sports spectacle. Volumes and planes are intertwined, treated with opposing materials - ethereal glazed windows at the entrances and thick draped parts in white. To achieve this architectural effect, modern, avant-garde materials and technologies have been used. All facades of the multifunctional sports hall Arena Botevgrad are ventilated: they consist of a load-bearing wall structure, thermal insulation, ventilation layer (cavity), suspension system, cladding layer of facade panels and connecting parts (elements for forming the joints between the panels).

The artistic main façade is extremely precisely finished with HPL (High Pressure Laminates) panels mounted on an aluminum suspension system. They are thermo-bonded plastic materials, resistant to moisture, weather conditions, scratches and chemicals, with exceptional resistance to temperature effects, easy to install and maintain. The other three facades are made of trapezoidal sheet metal as a final layer, mounted on a metal supporting structure. Parts of the facades are designed as suspended glass walls. Thus, the surrounding elements of the gym provide optimal hydro, heat and sound insulation. The gaming hall has a maximum capacity of 5,000 seats. The field of the playground is 24/44 m in size and meets the requirements for the playing fields for basketball, volleyball and handball, with the necessary easement area. The clear height of the gaming hall is 12.85 m. The seats for spectators are located in the stands. The playing field is covered with a detachable wooden floor. The disassembly of the flooring allows the safe use of the hall for non-sports purposes, such as concerts, exhibitions and other social events. It is possible to install an additional prefabricated stage. The capacity for concerts is 2,000 seats. Along the east, south and west facade walls of the gym are the main service rooms - locker rooms for athletes, coaches and judges, conference and meeting rooms, offices, doctor's office, doping laboratory, hardware, commentary booths and TV studio, rooms for security, wardrobe, toilets for the guests of the hall. All of them are in accordance with the capacity of the sports hall and meet the regulatory requirements. The exterior space of Arena Botevgrad, with an area of ​​about 4 decares, is designed to emphasize the elegant and stylish vision of the building. The square in front of the hall has accents in key places - a fountain, flagpoles, spectacular lighting from built-in floodlights, colored LED lighting, emphasizing the main entrance. Along the contours of the square are situated green areas with seats.

Fulfilled according to all modern requirements and standards, with high-quality materials and equipment, this hall has every reason to become an emblem of the developed sports tradition and initiative of the Botevgrad municipality. Only 40 km from the capital, with its optimal capacity, this memorable facility will be able to be used for competitions of national and international character, as well as for concerts and exhibitions.