Doris Tenedy Language School

Investor: Doris Tenedy Language School
Total area: 3650 sq.m.
Location: Nishava Str., Sofia
Status: completed
The new building of Doris Tenedy Language School has a total built area of 3650 sq. m and includes absolutely all the programmes required for the school’s functions. The school has the capacity to educate 400 children from pre-school level to high school. The building contains a canteen with a kitchen, a library, an indoor gym, an indoor pool, a music hall, a computer room, a choreography and dance room, a martial arts hall, a tennis court, a volleyball court, administration area and others. All these premises are organized around a green inner yard, which is the center of the social life of the school.
The traditional corridor scheme is transformed as all the hallways are facing a triangle-shaped courtyard. Thus, the resulting organization of spaces leaves a constant and uninterrupted visual connection to the outdoor spaces.
The main significance for the climate and architecture of the school is the elevated facade, combined with sun protection.
The ventilating facade cladding formed of composite panels is incredibly well constructed by teams of highly qualified specialists and in combination with the horizontal sun-protection elements the building acquires a finished and characteristic look. The exterior of the building is done in soft natural hues while the interior is refreshed with warm colors corresponding to the building’s character.
In order to guarantee the safety of the children, the designers and contractors paid special attention to every detail - from the door knobs, through the flooring and the windows, which have a safety opening mode.
With this project we managed to accommodate all the functions required by the specific educational program in only 3650 square meters of floor space.