Hotel and Spa "The Five elements" 

Investor: "Rila Megatur" Ltd
Contractor: “Bodrost 96” Ltd
Supervision: “NORMIS” Ltd
Location: Sapareva Banya
Status: Completed


The hotel complex is the first of its kind in the region. The service areas surpass the number of accommodation units in terms of size, which makes it possible to offer different services and recreational activities.

The entrance of the complex is emphasized by a specific canopy.

The complication of the complex is underlined by the author. Immediately after that, the visitor finds himself in an impressive foyer which is two-storey high and ends with a hotel reception.The ground floor and part of the first floor are occupied by spaces for relaxation and communication - a pool table, ,live music, board games, a cozy fireplace, a children’s playground, lobby bar, a shop. An interior staircase directly next to the entrance connects the ground floor with the first storey above ground and the one below ground. There are rooms in the space above the entrance, complementing the diversity of the proposed activities in the central foyer of the hotel.


The main restaurant is located on these two levels. It accommodates accommodates 140 visitors. Our interior is impressive because of the double-storey height, and the possibility of splitting, grading and integrating the space at the same time. There are outdoor terraces with views to the pools, the valley and Verila, or to Rila mountain to the south.

The first underground floor is also occupied by service activities, which are enhanced by the natural lighting, possibly due to the elevation of the terrain. An interior staircase connects the main foyer on the first floor with the secondary one on the first floor. It is multifunctional. Serves as a transitional space to the congress centre, the SPA, the gym and the beauty saloon, as well as a space for gatherings, coffee breaks, meetings etc. The conference hall can host 120 delegates, making it the largest in the region. There is a possibility for a division into three smaller halls, which could be used for yoga, dance classes and movie nights.


The SPA zone is on two levels, with an area of more than 1000 sq.m. It is the biggest in the region. The separate zones are clearly divided - reception, dry procedures, wet procedures, pools. The zone for cyx procedures is divided into the second level. The current procedures include various bathrooms, two steam baths, a cold pool, separate showers and a bucket, an ice maker, a zone for relaxation. The area with the swimming pools includes a main mineral pool, a jacuzzi, hot and children's pool, pools with himalayan and sea salt, sun loungers. There is a terrace, next to the the water treatment area and the pools, with an unobstructed view to the valley and the rest of the outdoor pools. There is a small pool, a hot water tank and a cold pool on the terrace.

The second basement level includes an indoor garage, kitchen and common storage spaces, an energy centre, ski wardrobe, a bicycle storage room. The service of the complex will be performed from this level.

Part of the first floor, as well as the other three contain rooms and apartments for accommodation with views to Rila mountain, to the south, and to the valley and Verila mountain, to the north.. Their total number is 83.

The complex includes energy-saving measures, some of which are innovative.


  1. Heating system - the resource of the wastewater from the mineral pools, as well as the heat of the earth, will be used.
  2. Enclosing walls and roofing - the windows are triple-glazed and have multi-dimensional aluminum window frames.. The walls are approx. 15 cm graphite EPS, the roof has a 20 cm stone wool isolation.
  3. Water supply - it is planned to use the abundant groundwater for the area through drainage and take it to tanks for domestic use and watering.

All of the mixers, showers, cisterns, kitchen appliances and washing machines are water-saving. 

     4. Electric Installations - the flat roof of the complex is provided for the installation of 50 ĸWр solar panels. The lighting is LED.

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