Hotel with underground parking - Hristo Botev Blvd.

Ivestor: ION Invest Ltd.
Total area: 561 sq.m. 
Location: Vazrazhdane, Sofia
Status: completed



The subject of this project is a hotel of the fourth category with underground garages .
The building is situated in the area of Zone B-2, Center, Sofia.
The main pedestrian access is from the alley network on Hristo Botev Blvd. from the northwest, where the main entrance is oriented. From the same boulevard there is a car access through a hydraulic platform to the basement level.

The building consists of an underground floor, ground floor and six floors. It was built on a bed of two neighboring buildings. The hotel has 21 rooms on the upper floors, lobby with reception, luggage room, lobby, lobby bar, restaurant for 40 people on the ground floor, as well as fitness, sauna, relaxation area, kitchen for the restaurant, auxiliary and technical rooms. underground level. Natural overhead lighting and ventilation of the staircase is provided.

The vision of the building is modern. Generalized volumetric forms, decorative elements and modern materials were used - brick and etalbond cladding. The main form-forming principle is to emphasize certain volumes in combination with plastic enrichment through variations in the location and shape of the windows and protrusions in front of the facade (bay windows and balconies). The two-storey glazing is structural, with metal framing. The simplified spatial solution aims to ensure architectural unity, while achieving the small scale typical of housing construction. The facade solution is in line with the surrounding urban environment, which contributes to the integration of buildings in the area and improves its aesthetic qualities.