Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment "City Clinic Cardiology Center"

Investor: City Clinic
Total area: 3980 sq.m.
Location: Ring Road, Sofia
Status: completed



We have created a health facility, combining a modern exterior achieved with a suspended facade with a warm interior with its color combinations, located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain on one of the main roads in the city - the Ring Road.


Particular importance in the design is given to the spatial solutions, guaranteeing the good medical functionality of the complex. They aim to clearly distinguish the individual areas in the complex, define the aesthetic image and visual accents - glazed facade, fountain with running water at the main entrance, large accent visors at both entrances/ exits, and decorative roof blinds.


The construction of the building is a combination of a predominant monolithic, reinforced concrete skeleton and metal construction.


Leading ideas in interior design are the orientation, the unobstructed circulation of visitors, the interior solutions guaranteeing the feeling of warmth, the abundance of natural light, the controlled climate, the feeling of security, coziness and comfort. The interior design features a fireplace located in the central lobby and warm pastel tones, the use of wood-colored doors, interior furniture panels, discreet decorative LED lighting and an abundance of lighting fixtures.


The project was completed with the use of high quality materials, innovative in nature and character technologies and systems that ensure the proper functioning of the complex, ergonomics and energy efficiency.


In terms of planning, the complex is built on five floors.


In the basement is located the Diagnostics department with the latest generation of equipment installed. At that level is also located the Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, two angiographs, mammography, osteodensitometer.


On the ground floor there is a Diagnostic-consultative complex with examination rooms, a small operating room for light surgical interventions, a laboratory area and one for blood testing.

The hospital division is located on the first and second floors along with the intensive care unit which has a capacity of 60 beds with modern rooms with one, two and three beds.


On the third floor is the surgical division with four operating rooms.


Access from the basement to the other levels is granted by two stairwells, one panoramic elevator for visitors, one hospital and one service elevator.


Maximum comfort is provided for disabled people within the building in accordance with all European requirements. Sanitary facilities for men, women and disabled people have been built at each level.


All areas in the complex have centralized systems for ventilation, air conditioning and heating, electrical installations and communications, including fire alarm, announcement, video surveillance and more.


Access to the complex is provided by the local lane of Ring Road 127 through one entrance and one exit.Достъпът до комплекса е осигурен от локалното платно на Околовръстен път 127 посредством един вход и един изход.