reconstruction of a production hall and an existing office building

Investor: Kramar Imoti Ltd.
Total area: 4 995 sq.m. 
Location: Vitosha  - Simeonovo, Sofia
Status: in progress




     The building is located on Simeonovsko Shose and Ring Road. The project consists of the reconstruction of an existing office building, an extension, a superstructure and the reconstruction of a  hall, which will  function as an administrative building.

     The production hall has a steel structure, which was also used for its superstructure. Its facade has a modern and clean vision, but at the same time its authentic image is preserved through the vertical sectioning. Its new use will be as a building materials store. The existing office building will accommodate open plan offices and there will be a café on the ground floor.

     The canopy at the entrance to the hall is interestingly designed with its ethereal and wavy shape that appears as an accent. The roof of the high body is also originally designed by partial glazing. For the facade solution of the existing office building, sun louvers and horizontal strips were used, which will be illuminated in the evening.  This creates an openwork, simple and elegant vision.