Residential Building Simeonovo - North 1"

Total area: 1174 sq.m.
Location: Simeonovo - North, Sofia
Status: completed



The subject of this project is a residential building with apartments. The building is situated in district 79, Simeonovo - North area, Sofia.

The plot has a front to a service street from the southwest, where the main pedestrian approaches to the building are located.

Parking is carried out with ground parking within the property. The approach for the cars is from 77 Street through a one-way ramp leading directly to the parking lot of the residential building.

The building consists of 1 section with 3 floors and 1 attic floor. The total number of dwellings is 14.

The construction chosen for the realization of the site is monolithic, reinforced concrete with internal masonry partition walls and external masonry enclosing walls.

The vision of the building is modern, with clear three-dimensional shapes. The facade solution is in line with the surrounding urban environment, which contributes to the inclusion of the building in the area. The plasticity of the facade is achieved through the use of different types of materials and the divergence of the terraces horizontally. Two materials were used for the facade design, the terraces are expressed  horizontally and the bay windows - vertically. Architectural decorative elements were also used for additional highlight of separate parts of the building - stairs, bay windows.