Residential building with underground floors

Investor: "Mirah Invest" EOOD
Location: Pavlovo - Buxton, Sofia
Total area: 1042 sq.m.
Area of ​​the property: 802 sq.m.


The object is a detached residential building in Pavlovo - Buxton, Sofia. The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful with low-rise buildings, mostly houses and small blocks of flats. There are schools, kindergartens, shops and office buildings nearby. The building is oriented in the north-south direction. At the bottom of the property there is a richly landscaped yard.

The main pedestrian access is from a service street from the north. The main entrance is also located there. Car access is also available from the same street.

The building has 11 apartments and 3 studios for individual creative activity. There are 5 garages and 10 parking spaces in the basement.

The architectural solution complies with the requirements for a modern residential building. The composition is represented by clearly expressed simple three-dimensional shapes, which are plastically enriched by highlighting certain architectural elements (cornices, window frames, bay windows, etc.). The contemporary look is achieved through clean lines, color and detail, asymmetry, play of flesh and openings. The vertical three-part structure of the building is highlighted - ground floor with small courtyards to the adjoining apartments, first floor, second floor and attic floor. The scale characteristic of residential construction has been achieved, which contributes to the building's integration into the environment.