Shopping and Entertainment Complex

Multifunctional building for public services
Investor: INTERLEASE Ltd
Total area: 10 000 sq. m
Location: Mladost District, Sofia
Status: completed



The project is for a multifunctional building for public services with a fitness area, pharmacy, restaurants, bank and administrative offices.

The main entrance to the building is from the south, through Alexander Malinov Blvd. On the basement level there is a gym consisting of a lobby, a gym, an aerobics room. On the floor there are 2 more changing rooms with showers, separate toilets for men and women with separate hallways and a room for cleaning, a room for a diesel generator and for maintenance. The level is accessible by an escalator, two stairwells with two-armed stairs and an elevator, one with a corridor and the other with an entrance hall.

The entrance to the building includes a spacious lobby with reception and seating areas. On this level there is a restaurant, office, hot kitchen, laundry room, staff WC, 2 service rooms, WC for women and men with separate entrances, WC for the disabled and a room for cleaning and maintenance. At the same level there is a pharmacy with a service room and WC, a bank office, accessible from a separate entrance from Alexander Malinov Blvd., an escalator, 2 stairwells with two-armed stairs and elevators, one of which faces east. with a separate corridor and a lobby.

On the first floor there is a study room with a meeting room, a kitchen, WCs for women and men, a toilet for the disabled people and a maintenance room. On the same level there is an escalator with a lobby, 2 stairwells with two-armed stairs and elevators.

At elevation +7.00 there is a lobby, 6 reception rooms, kitchen, WCs for women and men with separate entrance halls, WC for disabled people,  maintenance room, "call center", leasing financing office, operational office, management of risk with separate office risk management, meeting room, human resources, financial department with separate office financial department, internal audit, 2 archives, delivery of leasing assets with office delivery of leasing assets, operational activity, leasing financing, notary, escalator with lobby , 2 stairwells with two-armed stairs and elevators, one of which faces east with a corridor.

On the third floor by escalator you can reach the lobby from which a bank office with kitchen can be accessed, WCs for men and women, a maintenance room, staircase with a double ladder, and an elevator. The other stairwell leads to a corridor and a separate corridor leading to a management department, a management office, an executive director's office, a legal department, a legal department office, an IT department with a service room, a server room, WC men and women with a common entrance .