National Training Base of the Bulgarian Football Union

National Training Base of the Bulgarian Football Union
Boyana Residence, Sofia


Investor: The Bulgarian Football Union

Construction contractor: Vodstroy 98 Ltd

Contractor sports facilities, courts, tennis court: Dynamic Resource Ltd

Engineer: eng. Borislav Vassilev


Total area: 7725.4 sq. m

Status: completed


The sports base of the Bulgarian Football Union is a complex composed of three buildings, three football fields, two tennis courts, grandstands, parking and alleys. It is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain on the corner between Bulgaria blvd. and the Ring Road, surrounded by greenery and recreation areas.

Its design includes the principles of high technology, various methods of sustainability, energy efficiency and harmony with the environment. As a result, a modern and functional sports base is realized, which will provide the most comfortable conditions for training and recovery of our athletes, in peace and quiet, and at the same time will meet the new standards and requirements for designing the Union of European Football Associations.

The administrative building of the Bulgarian Football Union is located in the western part of the complex next to the training grounds and the main entrance of the base. Upon entering through the main entrance, the visitor is greeted by a representative space with a height across all floors. This building houses a meeting room, an amphitheater conference hall, a football museum, a café and a shop. The administrative floors of the football union are located on the upper floors.

The recreation and leisure building include a modernly equipped hotel area, a spa, a restaurant and a gym. It is located in the southern part of the complex. The location and the orientation give a representative look and reveal beautiful views: to the south of Vitosha mountain and to the north - beautiful views of Sofia. This way the best conditions for recreation are offered to the athletes in direct access to the courts.

The used energy efficiency measures include solar collectors on the roofs of the administrative building and the restoration base, sun protection elements on the windows, thermal insulation system and air conditioning systems. The white color of the buildings and the green roofs reduce the overheating during the hot months.

Part of the complex is an indoor multifunctional sports hall, which allows national players to train regardless of the weather conditions. The construction of the hall is metal. The facades are designed with thermal panels, on which are attached pre-formed hexagons of etalbond in two colors - graphite and white. This solution achieves a unique, functional and original facade, unobtrusively emphasizing the theme of football.

The site includes 3 football fields, 2 of them with natural grass and one with artificial grass. The closest playground to the entrance of the complex has a grandstand for 348 people and benches for reserves. The tribune has a reinforced concrete structure and a metal canopy. Below it are changing rooms, a cafe, and storage spaces.

The complex is built with minimal interference in the surrounding environment. This was possible through mindful positioning of the buildings and playgrounds in spaces, covered with broken and compromised old asphalt, which in the past served as an additional parking lot during mass visits to the Boyana Residence. The removed trees were compensated by planting twice as much.

The chosen architecture is more symbolic and conceptual than avant-garde, as the following line is a consideration of nature and references to the football motif.

A wastewater and rainwater treatment plant is also being built in the complex. The purified water will be used for washing the roads and parking lots in the property, as well as watering the green areas.В  комплекса  се  изгражда  и  пречиствателна  станция за отпадните   и   дъждовни    води.   Пречистената    вода  ще  се използва за  миене на пътищата и паркингите в имота, както и поливане на зелените площи.