Doris Tenedy Language School

Belite Brezi District, Sofia


Public buildings

Gross area
3 650 sq.m
Doris Tenedy Language School

Metropolitan Municipality - Distinction for outstanding achievements in the field of culture


National Building of the Year Competition - Award in the Science, Education and Sports Buildings category

Doris Tenedy Language School

The new building of the Doris Tenedy Language School, covering 3,650 square meters, is designed to easily accommodate 400 students from preschool age to 12th grade. The building includes absolutely all the necessary amenities for the school to function properly - a cafeteria room, a library, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a music hall, computer room, choreography and dance hall, martial arts hall, tennis court, volleyball court, administration, and others. These premises are organized around a green inner courtyard, which is the heart of the social life of the school.

The traditional corridor scheme is transformed as all the hallways are facing a triangle-shaped courtyard. Thus, the resulting organization of spaces leaves a constant and uninterrupted visual connection to the outdoor spaces.

The innovative dynamic facade, combined with anti-glare protection, contributes to climate control and the unique character of the building.

The ventilated facade cladding of composite panels is performed exclusively by qualified teams, in combination with the glass facade and the horizontal anti-glare elements the building acquires a finished characteristic appearance. The exterior is filled with soft, textured colors, while the interior comes alive with warm, inviting hues that reflect the lively character of the school.

To guarantee the safety of children, designers and contractors pay attention to every detail - from the door handles, through the special flooring, to the windows which have a safety mode of opening.

With this project, we were able to fit all the functions required by a modern educational program within only 3,650 square meters of floor space, creating an inspiring, safe and enriching learning environment for all students.

С този проект успяхме да поместим вcичĸи фyнĸции, изисквани от една модерна образователна програма в рамките на само 3 650 квадратни метра paзгънaтa плoщ, като създадохме енда вдъхновяваща, сигурна и обогатяваща учебна среда за всички ученици.

The administrative building has a meeting hall, an amphitheater conference hall, a football museum, a cafe and a shop. The recreation and recovery building includes a hotel part, a spa center, a restaurant and a gym, offering athletes a spectacular view of Vitosha and Sofia, while being close to the playing fields.

Energy efficiency measures include solar collectors, sun protection elements, thermal insulation and air conditioning systems. White building exteriors and green roofs minimize overheating during the hot months. An indoor multi-purpose sports hall allows the national players to train in all weather conditions, while the exterior of the hall features a unique and functional facade with a subtle football theme.

The complex has three football fields, two with natural and one with artificial grass. A grandstand for 348 people overlooks the main pitch. The complex was built with minimal impact on the environment, with twice as many new trees replacing the removed trees.

The architecture is symbolic and conceptual, emphasizing nature and football motifs. A wastewater and stormwater treatment plant recycles water for washing roads and parking lots and irrigating green areas.