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Amfion Ltd. is an architectural workshop that is involved in the design of new buildings with different purposes, reconstruction of existing buildings, research activity, forecasting, spatial planning, consultancy services and author's supervision.

The company is one of the first registered in the branch and leading in the architectural design.

The projects include a variety of scales and stages in accordance with the client's demands: feasibility studies, conceptual design, technical design, working design, preparation of the documentation of the project, communication with the authorities in charge of the approval process, preparation of documentation for competitions, quantity accounts, consultancy, supervision of the project, constructional and technical consultations in the course of implementation of the project, acceptance of the completed stages of the construction process. The listed activities are carried out by experienced designers and a team of technical collaborators.

The company's work is organized on a hierarchical basis with flexible restructuring in accordance with the requirements of the particular project and client. Amfion Ltd. has extensive experience in working with Bulgarian and foreign contractors and has partnerships with multinational teams.

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