Ivan Vazov District, Sofia

Residential buildings

Public buildings


Gross area
140 000 sq.m.

BigSEE Architecture Award – Награда в категория “Обществени и търговски сгради”



Национален конкурс “Сграда на годината” – Специална награда в категория “Хотели и ваканционни комплекси”


Award for participation in the ARCHITECTON competition, organized by the Union of Architects in Bulgaria


Национален конкурс “Сграда на годината” – Номинация в категория “Офис и корпоративни сгради”

Milenium Center

Милениум център се простира на над 140 000 кв.м. разгъната застроена площ и се извисява над София със своите 32 етажа. Сградата се състои от три отделни кули: 32-етажен хотел, 18-етажна жилищна сграда и 24-етажен офис център. Трите кули са обединени от пететажна основа и пет сутеренни нива.

In the basement there is an extensive parking lot with a capacity of 560 cars, various main service rooms and a spacious storage area. The building provides a comprehensive range of amenities, including 25,000 sq.m. first-class business premises, numerous commercial establishments, fully equipped bank and insurance office, restaurants, cafe and car service.

On the fifth floor there is an extensive convention center covering 5 300 sq.m. This space is designed to accommodate a wide variety of events, with six meeting rooms and a main conference room with seating for 768 people. The roof structure of the conference hall is solved with a compression arch and tensioner and is a unique solution for buildings, as it is usually used in bridge construction. The arch also serves as the roof of the restaurant located on the upper level. A helipad with a diameter of 22m has been designed on the roof for landing helicopters with a total mass of 5t. It is also calculated for an emergency landing at a speed of 3.6 m/s. A floor has been designed below it - a platform for visitors with a general view of Sofia in all directions. From there the visitors can observe the sights of the city. 

The Millennium Center's architectural design strikes a harmonious balance between modern elegance and urban resonance. The choice of finishing materials and colors reflects the character of Sofia's urban landscape. The glass facade, a defining feature of the building, reflects the dynamic skyline of the city, creating a visual dialogue with the surrounding urban environment. The gray color palette parallels the nearby buildings such as the National Palace of Culture and the Sofia Medical Academy, offering a subtle yet powerful visual accent.

The Millennium Center's monolithic, skeletal, beamless structure is designed to withstand seismic loading with reinforced concrete central cores and reinforced concrete frames. The facade includes Glaverbel triple glazing. This innovative combination provides remarkable sound insulation comparable to a 45 cm brick wall. At the heart of the building's operation is a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient system that centralizes the control of energy consumption throughout the building, making the Millennium Center a perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.