The Five Elements Hotel

Sapareva Banya


Gross area
5 600 sq.m
Rila Megatour

The Five Elements Hotel

Located at the foot of Rila Mountain in Sapareva Banya, home to the hottest mineral spring in continental Europe, The Five Elements Hotel is a haven of tranquility. The interior design of this spa hotel reflects its main philosophy - oneness with nature.

Our design covers all key areas of the hotel: the 83 rooms and suites, reception, lounge areas, lobby bar, restaurant and extensive spa. The concept of the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether (space) - is intertwined in these spaces. Each area is carefully decorated with elements inspired by nature, from huge logs adorning the reception area to the soothing green wall that elevates the relaxation area.

The materials and color palette contribute significantly to the overall atmosphere of the space. Using mostly natural materials, the design pays homage to the surrounding landscape. Neutral, earth tones give a sense of calm and warmth, harmoniously connecting the interior with the environment. This thoughtful design not only emphasizes the philosophy of the hotel but also creates a calm and cozy space.