Acibadem City Clinic: Cardiovascular Center

Ring Road, Sofia


Public buildings

Gross area
3 980 sq.m
City Clinic

National Building of the Year Competition - Award in the Healthcare Buildings category

Acibadem City Clinic: Cardiovascular Center

We created a modern medical facility located at the foot of Vitosha, along one of the main arteries of the city - the Ring Road. This contemporary medical center effortlessly blends a modern exterior, featuring a suspended facade, with a warm, color-coordinated interior to create a welcoming and healing atmosphere.

The design prioritizes spatial solutions to provide exceptional medical functionality. Key features include a glazed facade, a soothing fountain at the main entrance, projecting visors at both entrances and decorative louvres on the roof.

The interior design focuses on easy navigation, seamless visitor circulation and a comfortable environment filled with warmth, natural light and controlled climate. Highlights include a cozy fireplace in the central lobby, warm pastel tones, discreet LED lighting and plenty of light fixtures.

Built with high-quality materials and innovative technologies, this medical center offers unparalleled energy efficiency. The five-story building has a state-of-the-art medical base, containing an imaging department with the latest generation of equipment, a diagnostic-consultative complex, a 60-bed hospital and an operating block with four operating theaters.

The complex is equipped with centralized systems for ventilation, air conditioning, heating and electrical installations, including fire alarm, and video surveillance.