Bulgarian Children Pay a Touching Tribute to the Abu Dhabi Municipality Building at the International Youth Biennale


We are happy to announce that the students of the Sunday school "Kambana" in Abu Dhabi made a touching tribute to the heritage of Bulgarian architecture. Participating in the second edition of the International Youth Biennale "Bulgarian Footprints in the World - with palette, camera and word", they chose a very dear project for us - the building of the municipality in Abu Dhabi, the work of architect Dimitar Bogdanov. Their inspiring drawings and texts beautifully capture the essence of the building, reflecting our shared mission to preserve Bulgaria's architectural heritage.

The Biennale, which takes place in Rome, aims to revive the collective memory of the Bulgarian communities abroad and the youth in Bulgaria by restoring customs, traditions, memory of historical places, personalities, monuments, temples, etc., scattered all over the world. The event showcases the role of the younger generation as discoverers and viewers of these significant traces. 

We are incredibly proud of these young people and are touched that they chose to participate with an architectural project, emphasizing the importance of preserving the Bulgarian architectural heritage.