Administrative building

Ring Road, Sofia

Public buildings

Gross area
5 000 sq.m.
Under construction
Kramar Properties

Administrative building

The existing building is intended for an administrative-business building with a shop for building materials. An extension of the administrative unit is planned on the site of the existing building materials processing workshop.

The building's entrance opens into a welcoming lobby with a reception desk. The ground level also has an elevator, a cafe, which leads to an outdoor terrace and a security room. The basement of the building houses a well-equipped conference and presentation room and a storage spaces.

The first, second and third floors of the building house open space offices with conference rooms and open terraces. In addition, relaxation rooms, archives and server rooms have been designed on these levels as well. 

The construction of the building is an innovative combination of monolithic reinforced concrete, vertical support elements and steel frame construction. The architectural aesthetic speaks the language of modernity, defined by massive walls, a ventilated facade with stone cladding and a glass suspended facade. A touch of elegance is given by sun protection slats made of perforated sheet metal and decorative moldings made of composite material.