Kotvata Aqua Club

Sapareva Banya

Urban environment

Rila Megatour

Diploma of the Ministry of Tourism


National Building of the Year Competition- Nomination in the Holiday Complexes category

Kotvata Aqua Club

Nestled at the foot of Rila moutain and surrounded by pine forests, Kotvata Aqua Club offers an escape from city life. This complex combines the purity of the natural environment with the healing properties of mineral water. Its location is steeped in ancient remains, revealing the history of the place and the various peoples who inhabited these lands for their healing water.

The design of the complex incorporates elements of this rich past, preserving the remains of a fortress, complete with renovated columns and arches in a modern atmosphere. The complex has a variety of water features and relaxation areas, including three large swimming pools, contrasting hot and cold water pools and children's pools.

Spa lovers can relax in four Jacuzzis with hydromassage jets, including a saltwater Jacuzzi. Stone baths with 40 degree mineral water promote increased blood circulation and offer various health benefits.

The complex also prioritizes innovation, including a climbing wall, a water bar and a section that mimics a strong river current for fun swimming. Modern systems provide 24/7 water purification, temperature regulation and constant renewal.

In addition to these features, the complex has changing rooms, showers, toilets, a restaurant and a snack bar, ensuring a complete and enjoyable experience for all visitors. The year-round outdoor jacuzzis and contrasting cold pools are complemented by the adjacent renovated mineral bath with indoor spa, enhancing the conditions for rest and relaxation.