Apartment Dormitory

Studentski Grad District, Sofia

Residential buildings

Gross area
3 200 sq.m
Bulgarian Building Company

АРХ ИНОВА – Специална награда в категория “Реализирани проекти: Многофамилни жилищни сгради”


BigSEE Architecture Award – Награда в категория “Жилищни сгради”


Bulgarian Architecture Awards - Nomination

Apartment Dormitory

The building is located at the intersection of the central Sofia boulevards St. Kliment Ohridski and Prof. G. Bradistilo" in the Studentski Grad district. Originally designed as a student dormitory, the building's excellent location and attractive appearance generate considerable interest. The design is then reimagined, turning it into a multi-family residential building with stylish apartments. This transition includes consolidating rooms, converting shared basement spaces into storage, and redistributing parking spaces.

The design of the building overcomes a major challenge by elegantly bridging the main collector of the heating plant with one-meter reinforced concrete beams and columns. This smart solution not only supports the upper floors, but also allows the passage of service trucks below.

Despite the functional change, the facade remains true to the original concept, demonstrating a strong contrast between planes and deeply recessed windows, enhanced by the interplay of white and dark gray shades. As the angles of the windows change, their dark openings turn from rectangular to trapezoidal, while white grilles widen the window niches and discreetly hide the air conditioning units.

The aesthetic of the building is complemented by a terraced floor hidden behind a wall and a dark gray pergola. This design element gracefully conceals potential changes by the residents, such as glazing or the incorporation of terraces, preserving the visual harmony of the structure.