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Hadji Dimitar District, Sofia

Public buildings

Gross area
600 sq.m.

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Located on McGahan Street, the building boasts a striking combination of form and function. Spread over three above-ground levels and a basement, the structure is monolithic reinforced concrete with internal masonry partition walls and external masonry and reinforced concrete enclosing walls. The building design includes a flat roof with an innovative internal rainwater drainage system.

The basement of the building houses a games room, bar and main utility rooms. The hall comfortably accommodates 24 seats and 4 staff. On the ground floor there is a cozy lobby, a games room with 23 seats and space for 2 staff and a cash register. On the second floor there is another bar and games room with 32 seats and 4 staff. The third floor is dedicated to the building's installations and provides access via an internal staircase and external metal stairs.

The exterior of the building presents a contemporary aesthetic with clean, volumetric forms clad in dark, weather-resistant composite panels. Carefully designed light accents enhance the facade, contributing to its overall appeal.