Sofia-West District


Sofia-West District

Sofia-West District is a new and innovative residential complex in Sofia. It is intended for young families looking for middle-class housing. It is inspired by global urban trends. The project aims to fully satisfy the needs of its residents while offering a modern, energy efficient and ecological environment. 

Sofia-West District provides a solution to the challenges of the housing market in Sofia by providing over 30,000 square meters of public infrastructure, including green areas, pedestrian areas and public service facilities. The development will take place in several stages, which makes it possible to anticipate and satisfy the needs of its residents. 

Key features of the Sofia-West District include community service facilities on the ground floors, pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and energy efficient building design. The project's BREEAM Communities certification testifies to its commitment to environmental, social, economic and energy sustainability.

Innovative solutions are embedded in the design of the residential buildings, which integrate green areas on the terraces and roofs, social spaces for residents to come together and considerations for maintaining good health. The architecture is optimized for economic efficiency related to sunlight, ventilation and noise reduction.