Medical and dental center

Ring Road, Sofia


Public buildings

Gross area
1 000 sq.m
Technical design
ION Properties

Medical and dental center

This modern four-story building harmoniously combines form and function to provide its visitors with comfort and high-quality service in a modern medical and dental center.

As you approach the building, you will be greeted by the modern facade with clean volumetric shapes. The exterior features white mineral plaster, Etalbond cladding and sun visors. A suspended facade of structural glass spans the entire north side of the building.

Upon entering the spacious lobby you will be welcomed by the registration area and waiting area leading to a clinical laboratory equipped for sampling and testing. The ground floor also has a commercial space. On the first and second floors, there are dental and allergology offices, each of which has an adjoining manipulation room. In addition, there is a separate handling and warehouse for inventory and consumables. Neurology and cardiology offices are located on the top floor, as well as another independent manipulation room.

Throughout the building, the interior design follows the modern exterior, with a captivating combination of white Etalbond elements and dark anthracite window frames. The south and east facades feature vertical slits decorated with gray mineral plaster, enhancing the character of the building.

This modern medical and dental center is designed for a comfortable experience, providing patients with state-of-the-art facilities and a harmonious environment, all within a distinct and memorable architectural space.