KITE Office Building

Cherni Vrah Blvd., Sofia

Public buildings

Gross area
5 500 sq.m.
T.I.M. - X

BigSEE Architecture Award - Award in the Public and Commercial Buildings category


National Building of the Year Competition - Nomination in the Office Buildings category

KITE Office Building

The KITE administrative building is located on one of the central transport arteries of the city, close to a metro station and shopping facilities. The appearance of the building is dynamic and memorable. The choice of this kind of wayward architecture was determined by the environment - a rapidly developing intensive area, with a future as an administrative-commercial-communication center. For the dynamics, several components are formed - the main facade, the aggressive southern eaves and awnings, as well as the pylon above the roof with a length of 9m, which, like a mast, connects to the upper end of the facade and increases the height of the building to 36m. 

The representative lobby welcoming visitors unites three floors and is highlighted by a synthesis of architecture and art, expressed by a panel with natural and eco motifs in the north and south direction, occupying its entire height. The southern element is a surreal photographic composition of marine and theatrical scenes with references to the building's name, while the northern element is of natural vegetation that absorbs dust and purifies the air.

The building applies measures for high energy efficiency. The east-facing facade has a double skin, with 60 cm of space between two layers of glass, which aids natural ventilation and reduces noise pollution. The glazed facades from the north, south and west have triple glazing in blue color, reducing heat exchange. A south-facing roof eaves ranging from 3.50m to 2.50m moderates the heating of the facade. The solar protection elements and the ventilated facade with thermal insulation further increase the energy efficiency of the building. The roof, covered with Ruukki sheet metal and insulated with mineral wool, slopes to the west to counteract wind, rain and sun. The spacious lobby supports the ventilation of the building, heating and air conditioning are managed by energy efficient DAIKIN VRF-systems. The building is equipped with an airtightness system and certified according to the BDS EN 13829 standard. 

The Kite office building is impressive and memorable with its original vision, creating a sense of modern and dynamic development of the city. Behind the facade, it creates comfort and style for its occupants. The aesthetic and functional solutions in the exterior and interior are enhanced by the quality materials used and the measures applied to achieve high energy efficiency of the building.