Zrenieto Eye Clinic

Center, Sofia


Public buildings

Gross area
560 sq.m
Prosperitas Building

ARCH INOVA - Nomination in the Hospitals/ Medical Centers/ Healthcare Facilities category

Zrenieto Eye Clinic

Nestled in the heart of Sofia, this modern healthcare facility serves as a specialized hospital for the active treatment of eye diseases. With its modern architectural design, the building stands out from its surroundings with its unconventional look.

Upon entering the clinic, visitors are greeted by a spacious lobby decorated with comfortable waiting areas and a reception desk.  An elevator and a stairwell connect all levels from the undergorund levels to the fifth floor. Each floor offers a purposeful layout, with various offices, manipulation, hospital rooms and necessary amenities. The parking is situated on the second underground level, equipped with a three-level automatic parking system.

The avant-garde design of the building captivates visitors with its clean, dynamic lines and the use of modern materials such as composite cladding, aluminum joinery and glass railings. Ventilated facade, granite tiles, terracotta and homogeneous PVC flooring guarantee aesthetics, functionality and durability over time.

The impressive presence of this eye clinic is enhanced by its modern appearance. The glazed atrium entrance combined with the rhythmic facade and light blue accents create an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment for both patients and staff.

The building won a nomination in the "Hospitals, Medical Centers, Healthcare Facilities" category of the architectural competition ARCHI NOVA 2017 and sets a new standard for quality architecture in the field of medicine.