Port of Sarafovo


Urban environment

Gross area
300 sq.m
Municipality of Burgas

Award for participation in the ARCHITECTON competition, organized by the Union of Architects in Bulgaria


Infrastructure Bulgaria Awards - Special award for contribution to the development of Bulgaria's infrastructure in the Transport and Port Infrastructure category

Port of Sarafovo

Nestled in the picturesque Burgas Bay, Sarafovo Fishing Port is a bustling hub where the sea's bounty meets modernity. Stretching from Cape Lakhana to the city of Burgas, the port invites visitors to experience the vibrant fusion of maritime tradition and contemporary design. With a capacity for 110 small boats and six larger fishing vessels, the port is a haven for local fishermen. Boasting two designated areas for unloading catches, the port efficiently processes the sea's treasures. Adjacent to the unloading zones, an open space for sorting and primary processing ensures seamless integration of the day's haul.

The port's main building is inspired by the movement of the sea waves and houses essential facilities and administrative offices. Under its elegant reinforced concrete shell, the lively fish market bustles with energy as fresh catches are auctioned off to eager buyers.

Security is paramount, with two surveillance buildings providing a safe environment for visitors and workers alike. The port also offers ample parking, including accessible spaces, catering to the needs of all its guests.

Sarafovo Fishing Port encapsulates the essence of maritime life, blending the charm of a traditional fishing village with modern functionality.