The sports base of the Bulgarian Football Union

Boyana Residence, Sofia

Public buildings

Sports complexes

Gross area
7 700 sq.m
Bulgarian Football Union

BigSEE Architecture Award - Award in the Public and Commercial Buildings category


Award for participation in the ARCHITECTON competition, organized by the Union of Architects in Bulgaria


National Building of the Year Competition - Award in the Sports Buildings category

The sports base of the Bulgarian Football Union

The sports base of the BFU, nestled in the skirts of Vitosha, includes three buildings, three football fields, two tennis courts, grandstands, parking and alleys. Emphasizing high technology, sustainability, energy efficiency and harmony with the environment, the modern and functional sports facility offers ideal conditions for training and recovery while meeting UEFA design standards.

The administrative building has a meeting hall, an amphitheater conference hall, a football museum, a cafe and a shop. The recreation and recovery building includes a hotel part, a spa center, a restaurant and a gym, offering athletes a spectacular view of Vitosha and Sofia, while being close to the playing fields.

Energy efficiency measures include solar collectors, sun protection elements, thermal insulation and air conditioning systems. White building exteriors and green roofs minimize overheating during the hot months. An indoor multi-purpose sports hall allows the national players to train in all weather conditions, while the exterior of the hall features a unique and functional facade with a subtle football theme.

The complex has three football fields, two with natural and one with artificial grass. A grandstand for 348 people overlooks the main pitch. The complex was built with minimal impact on the environment, with twice as many new trees replacing the removed trees.

The architecture is symbolic and conceptual, emphasizing nature and football motifs. A wastewater and stormwater treatment plant recycles water for washing roads and parking lots and irrigating green areas.